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Unlock global business opportunities with data-driven KYB verifications, automated risk analysis, and compliance management.

Flexibile KYB to underwrite anywhere, anytime.

Data-Driven KYB

Data-Driven KYB

Our data hub provides a suite of KYB data services for reliable and accurate business information to ensure the business you are going to onboard is legitimate.

KYB Risk Analysis

Risk Analysis

Our automated risk analysis engine quickly identifies potential risks within a B2B relationship, enabling well-informed decisions to process onboarding quickly.

KYB Scalability


We are continuously expanding our underwriting data while receiving real-time updates from our data partners to ensure you always have the latest verification information.

Custom Risk Profiles

Custom Risk Profiles

Establish verification workflows and create risk profiles based on your requirements, ensuring you're only dealing with businesses that meet your risk tolerance levels.

KYB Compliance


Maintain compliance and meet underwriting regulatory requirements easily with automated workflows and rechecks paired with reporting for regulatory bodies.

Business Profiles

Business Profiles

Our platform harmonizes and stores all verification results and risk analysis for each businesses profile - enabling you to quickly review and manage case files in one secure platform.

Quick Onboarding KYB

Quick Onboarding

Automated and real-time KYB risk analysis is done in minutes not hours or days. Empowering you to make onboarding decisions easier and faster and accelerate your growth.



Our centralized data orchestration makes it efficient to create custom reporting configurations to extract the exact data your require for intelligence or regulatory bodies.

Underwrite businesses in minutes.

Verify and manage business profiles in one platform.

Business Identity

  • Company Name
  • Previous Names
  • Company Type
  • Registered Address
  • Trademarks

Business Structure

  • Owners
  • UBO's / Directors
  • Coporate Structure
  • Industry Code
  • Incorporation Details


  • Business Statements
  • Business Networks
  • Branch Status
  • Jurisdiction Code
  • Document Filing


  • Doc ID on UBO's / Directors
  • IDV KYC on UBO's / Directors
  • Address on UBO's / Directors
  • Watchlist Screening
  • Scheduled Re-Checks

Lightening Fast KYB

  • Eliminate the cumbersome, error-prone and time-consuming process
  • Lower costs and resources required - means you can onboard more
  • Consistent and standardized verification process
  • Custom compliance workflows and risk profiles
  • Risk scoring engine, monitoring with machine learning
  • Collaborative tools, reporting and verification business profiles
  • Schedule rechecks to maintain a healthy and compliant portfolio

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