Expand Your Risk Team & Insights

Our trusted risk experts are an instant extension of your fraud team. Providing you with global fraud intelligence and risk mitigation support to streamline operations and drive success.

Hands on risk experts

Secure every step of your customer's journey with expert guidance.

We're designed to be an extension to your company, allowing you to safely grow, raise efficiency, and increase bottom-line profitability by reducing risk and operational costs.

Through our proactive risk management counsel, strengthened by our risk experts' depth of experience, hands-on approach, and overall knowledge of fraud prevention best practices, we'll work with you to establish an effective risk management strategy that supports your organization's objectives and ensures operations continue to run at optimal performance levels.

Risk Experts Services

Peace-of-Mind Risk is Managed

From assessment to mitigation, we're with you every minute, everyday.

Consulting Services

Our risk experts will establish and provide tailored structured risk mitigation service plans to ensure fraud defence is maximized while not compromising business engagement or revenue.

Data Management

From managing your risk queue, data verification result outputs, orchestrated data results, white and negative lists, and databases to data simulation reports, our risk experts have you covered.

Traffic & Rules Engine

Receive continuous review and monitoring of your traffic, risk rules and overall performance with direct communication to your team to optimize risk rules, set trust levels and manage data.

Risk Pattern Monitoring

Our team will evaluate risk patterns, behaviours and suspicious associations in your data set cross-analyzed against our global network and data science market simulation reports.

Business Intelligence

Receive valuable insights and actionable data, empowering your business to make informed decisions and proactively address potential risk exposures, ensuring your long-term success.

Service Solution Training

We'll train your team in our back-office along with top fraud trends, new risk schemes, and fraud mitigation techniques, and, if required, provide an operations management role.

Customized Resources

Get exactly what you need, who you need and when you need it.

Dedicated Risk Staff
Whether you require top-level risk management expertise and support or access to risk operators part-time, full-time or custom hours, we'll work with you to easily configure your risk support agents, business intelligence reports and more to meet your operational needs.

Risk Department Outsourcing
Need full support from end-to-end. We have you covered from process management, contract review, recruitment, staffing, training, fraud operations monitoring, and day-to-day fraud prevention.

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Risk Experts Services