Stay ahead of trends and risks with intelligent reporting

Transform your fraud defense strategy with data insights and proactive decision-making with our intelligent reporting tools.

Optimize Risk Rules

Intelligence to ensure the best fraud defence without compromising conversions.

Risk Rule Stimulation
Our team of dedicated risk experts will collaborate with you to generate data-driven reports on the performance of risk rules about your customer engagements. These reports will enable you to test and optimize risk configurations and enhance the effectiveness of your fraud prevention strategy.

Customize For Market Regions
Mitigating fraud risks across diverse markets and regions demands a nuanced approach. Our data-driven insights generate customized risk analysis reports that allow you to tailor risk engine rules and system actions to your risk appetite.

Optimize Risk Rules

New Market Entry

Prevent fraud before market entry to ensure the best expansion possible.

Be Protected
Entering a new market region is a high-risk endeavour, particularly in the digital space. With data-driven reports and critical insights into the unique fraud risks present in your new market, you can tailor your strategies to effectively mitigate risks in initial market entry, protecting your business and building customer trust.

Test Drive Our Protection
Our risk experts would happily collaborate with you and establish simulation reports of our platform capabilities prior to expansion or integration.

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Granular Reporting

Customized reporting delivers tailored insights that can transform your business.

By analyzing data specific to your unique operations, you can identify trends, streamline processes, and make more informed decisions to establish a competitive edge, improve performance, and drive growth.

  • Transactional and Registration Reports
  • Volume, Scrubber and Database Reports
  • Create Multi-Layered Reports
  • Notifications, Agents and Fraud Review Reports

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Granular Reporting