Full control at every touch point

Stay ahead of fraud with innovative risk technology.


Use our pre-determined rules or define customized risk thresholds and rules tailored to your risk appetite and specific fraud defence requirements.


Handle high volumes of transactions and automate the verification process, reducing the need for manual review and minimizing delays in onboarding.


Our system automatically learns from data patterns and improves accuracy over time, reducing the number of false positives and negative verifications.


Adapt to ever-changing global regulatory requirements and verify all the necessary KYC information with their appropriate risk thresholds in real time.

Take Control With Automated Workflows

Activate data with automated system alerts and actions when and where you want it.

Enhance Security
Employ automated data verification workflows and enjoy more extraordinary security measures through continuous monitoring of customer activities and early detection of suspicious behavior, mitigating the risk of financial loss or fraudulent activities.

Improved Customer Experience
Enable hassle-free verifications, reduce the need for manual review and improve turnaround times for onboarding and transactions, resulting in smoother, more positive customer satisfaction.

Automated Workflows

End-to-End Risk Analysis for Confident Fraud Defence Worldwide

Risk Thresholds

  • Custom Global Risk Thresholds
  • Change Thresholds Anytime
  • Permission-Based Agent Access
  • Leverage B.I. For Optimal Settings

Rule Scripting

  • From onboards, payments, methods, etc.
  • Hundreds of Pre-Determined Rules
  • Comprehensive Parameter List
  • Endless Possibilities with Free-Form

Rule Configuration

  • Enjoy Time-Frame Intelligence
  • Configure to Specific Countries
  • Label Rule Priority Ranking
  • Set and Customize Alerts

Risk Score

  • Holistic Risk Score
  • Verification Returned Data Score
  • Action Center by Holistic Risk Score
  • Reporting by Risk Score

Machine Learning

Continuous risk analysis and transactional monitoring intelligence.

Detect Patterns and Behaviours
Our machine learning algorithms analyze vast amounts of customer data, including changes in payment methods or volumes, user actions, device information, and geo-location changes, to quickly identify patterns in behavior that may indicate fraudulent activity, fraud rings, bots or other anomalies and alert you in real-time.

Sensitive enough to also detect subtle behavioral changes over time, revealing correlations with fraud types such as bust-out fraud and account takeover.

View Fraud Monitoring

Backed by Advanced Machine Learning
Data Orchesration

Data Orchestration

Automated result output to gain insights and empower better performance.

Customer Profiles

All data verification results with their detailed output and generated risk score, along with alert history, transactional history evidences, exceptions, devices and more from one clear, unified view.

Live KPI Intelligence

All data feeds up into our real-time reporting dashboard widgets, providing quick-at-a-glance performance metrics and intelligence. Manage all activity within the Action Center for prompt response to fraud.

Data Science

Leverage big data from your obtained data with our elite database networks to establish complete market simulation data reports to optimize fraud defence, risk rules or new market entry.

Powerful Tools

Bringing fraud management, intuitive experience, collaboration and customization.

  • Custom risk thresholds
  • Free-form rule scripting with machine learning
  • Whitelist / Blacklist database management
  • Custom live KPI dashboard and advanced multi-layered filters
  • Big data simulation reports
  • Collaborative tools and permission levels

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Powerful Anti-Fraud Tools

Smooth, Seamless Integration

Don't miss a beat. We ensure your operations run smoothly while you integrate.

Single API Our entire platform, including our data hub, integrates into your system via one REST API. So you can say goodbye to multiple third-party data provider contracts and say hello to reducing fraud rates and enjoy a singular risk view.

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Smooth, Seamless Integration