Safeguard with eyes that never close

Experience the power of real-time monitoring, enabling lightning-fast reactions to potential fraud, minimizing financial losses and safeguarding your customers and business.

Never let suspicious activity slip

Continuous monitoring with real-time alerts for unbeatable protection.

Early Detection

Our advanced real-time monitoring enables early detection of suspicious activity, helping you prevent fraudulent transactions.

Faster Response

React more quickly to potential fraud with all data in one platform, minimizing financial losses and reducing the impact on customers.

Improved Accuracy

Multi-level verifications with machine learning ensures precise alerts and enables informed decisions about potential fraud.


With a single data and risk analysis platform you'll save time and money, reduce manual review and streamline fraud management.

Real-time Intelligence

Live dashboard to know exact performance.

Fully Customizable
Take control of your risk management with our customizable dashboard! Effortlessly configure your risk summary by activating the widgets you want, creating a personalized, user-friendly interface.

Filtered View
From merchants to payment channels, dates to customers, our platform lets you filter and focus! Say goodbye to tedious searching and hello to effective, streamlined risk management.

Easy to Read
Get a real-time view of your risk like never before. From tiered warning levels to custom risk priority segments, all the insights you need are right at your fingertips.

Live KPI Dashboard

Customer Profiles

Understand, track, manage and trust your customers with ease.

The Full Scoop
From overarching customer persona details, data verification results to list management, localization, device ID, history, behaviours and patterns, our customer profiles gives you all the juicy details you need to manage risk.

Say goodbye to transaction chaos. All customer's transactions are linked and filtered within their associated profile, so you can quickly find and review the ones that need attention or verify transactional behaviour for suspicious activity.

Explore Digital ID Verifications

Action Center

Reloading data every 30 seconds for accurate fraud mitigation.

Set It and Forget It Auto Reject
Based on your high-risk thresholds, our platform automatically rejects any potential threats, so you can relax and focus on what you do best.

Instant Fraud Review
Simply update the Fraud Review status to stay on top of potential threats and protect your business and customers.

Transaction Pre-Authorization Analysis
Analyze traffic before to submitting it for processing, and with just one click, define settlement or void transaction functions to streamline your risk management process.

View Fraud Screening

Action Center

Leverage B.I.

Optimize with data accuracy.

Smart Reporting
Accurately assess risk, optimize business performance, and stay ahead of potential fraudsters. Easily configure customized reports based on various metrics such as registrations, transactions, scrubbers, databases, devices, and multi-layered insights to empower your fraud defense, without compromising on conversions.

Simulation Reports
Whether you're entering a new market or industry or just want to simulate your current fraud market landscape to ensure the defense is optimized or reports enable you to make informed decisions backed by data.

View B.I. Reporting