Global Document ID

Instantly validate government-issued identity documents combined with biometric liveness.

Meet Global KYC and AML Requirements with Ease

Detect Synthetic IDs

Detect Synthetic IDs

Know with confidence that documents are 100% genuine with advanced risk analysis algorithms to detect perfect forgeries, synthetic IDs or deep fakes in real time.

Build Customer Trust

Build More Trust

Customes want to feel safe and secure when engaging online. Document Verification does just that and tells your customers you take their account and security seriously.

Onboard More Customers

Onboard More

Our document verification works with your custom UIUX onboarding flows and designs to ensure you have complete control, and zero verification friction to reduce abandonment.

Confident Document ID Storage

Confident Storage

Next-generation risk analysis engine gathers, protects and encrypts data. Store obtained documents with confidence in one place synced to customer profiles for ease of review.

Database Analysis

Confirm and match identity attributes against documents across a comprehensive international risk database.

Custom Workflows

Easily configure and deploy your document ID verification into any onboarding or compliance workflow.

Accurate Extraction

Receive document number, issue date and age verification with human intelligence to enhance fraud accuracy.

Stay Compliant

Easily compile and send reports for regulatory bodies of verified documents and all data analysis linked to customer profiles.

Our global platform processes documents across 230 countries with multilingual coverage and support in over 150 languages.

Drivers License


National ID Card

Residence Permit

Liveness Detection

Minimizes false positives and provides 99% fraud prevention accuracy.

The Problem
In the US alone, someone becomes victim to identity fraud every 14 seconds. In the EU, one out of five people have experienced identity theft, and children are 51 times more vulnerable to identity theft than their parents. Losses from identity theft are predicted to grow to $635.4 billion by 2023.

Protection to Trust
Harness your customer's biometrics through embedded face recognition to automatically confirm customers in real-time and cross-analyze with provided ID documents. All are backed with a machine learning hybrid and risk analysis rules engine to maximize fraud accuracy.
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Liveness Detection

Seamless Document Verification

Capture, verify and manage ID documents in one platform.

Customer Uploads

Flexibility to implement our document ID solution into any document capture experience.

Document Scanned

ID documents are automatically uploaded and scanned via API across various risk factors.

Risk Output

Receive detailed document information and risk analysis output, including holistic risk score.

Manage Risk

Our system automatically triggers due-diligence when the score generates a warning or fails.

Expand to Brazil

Targeted CPF ID Verification.

Latin America, one of Fintech's hottest markets, has doubled in size in the past three years, representing 22.6% of the total number of fintech platforms worldwide. Bolster your Brazil identity verification coverage today.

CPF Standard
Instantly verify the validity of a CPF ID and its state location.

CPF Advanced
Perform complete CPF ID verification to retrieve name, phone number and address information of Brazilian customers.

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Enrich Profiling and Risk Mitigation

Layer Multi-Level Digital ID KYC and Premium KYC in One API Endpoint.

Customer Authentication Data Services

Digital ID

Enjoy a full suite of end-to-end KYC verifications with custom workflows to instantly confirm customer identity in real-time.

Customer Authentication Data Services


Customers expectations on login and payment security are high. Pick and choose your authentication services to enhance security.

AML Compliance Watchlist Screening

AML Compliance

Protection against illicit activities such as money laundering, terrorist financing or fraudulent transactions with ease.

Smart Transactions

Smart Transaction

Protect revenues with ongoing identity checks, transactional verifications and crypto-based and automated risk analysis.