Data-Driven AML Solution

An intelligent and automated approach to meet and manage compliance requirements worldwide.

Don't Risk Non-Compliance - It's Easy With One API

Centralized Platform Experience

Centralized Platform Experience

Obtain clear insights into your customer's risk profile with all their compliance, KYC verifications and transactional data in one local place.

Custom Compliance Workflows

Custom AML Workflows

Supporting many industries, from PSPs, crypto, payment gateways, and gaming platforms, to establish AML compliance requirements locally and globally.

Easily Spot Suspicious Activity

Easily Spot Suspicious Activity

Transactions are screened automatically in real-time through an advanced rule-based engine and obtained KYC to identify and alert suspicious activity signals.

Sbmit Regulator Reports

Submit Regulator Reports in a Click

From customer KYC data and transactional history in one place, you can quickly generate suspicious case reports and promptly submit them to your regulator.

Comply with World Regulations

Exceptional compliance for unmatched defense against illicit financial activities.

Complete Compliance
From automated AML/CTF screening to support onboarding through to automated re-check batch screening, you'll be protected against illicit activities such as money laundering, terrorist financing, sanctions enforcement regulations and fraudulent transactions.

Always Enhanced Due-Diligence
We automatically cross-analyze every obtained data attribute against known risk patterns, suspicious associations and behaviours, relevant watchlists and global negative databases across our network and premium partners. Hence, you are confident in the risk analysis output and AML/CPF adherence.

Comply with World Regulations

Screen. Check. Trust.

Advanced AML/CTF screening for adherence while improving operations.

Sanctions Lists
Premium live AML data coverage with verifications instantly performed on over 4,600 lists locally and internationally including, OFAC, UN, EU, DFAT, PEP, HM Treasury, etc.

Global Negative Database
Automatically screen customers against known profile data related to negative transactions or suspicious registration behaviour across our network and premium data partners.

Law Enforcement Lists
Globally screen against previous offenders from Interpol, country-specific government and state agencies through to local police forces for added confidence.

Regulatory Bodies
Access governing financial and security commissions worldwide to enrich your AML screening and always be in the know on requirements.

Stay Compliant

One API to ensure the health of your business.

AML/CTF Agility
Easily keep pace with local and global regulations even when they rapidly shift, without bringing cumbersome, complex and costly infrastructures every time there is a compliance advancement.

Our consolidated global sanctions lists, specialized watchlists, overarching AML/CPF data and database management is continuously monitored and constantly updated to go above and beyond compliance requirements.

Multi-Account Detection
Our Global Risk Identification tool (GRID), combined with 'URL/Skin' vs 'Network' variations, immediately detects multi-accounts and suspicious account associations - alerting your operations team in real-time.

Stay Compliant. 1 API.

Automated AML/CTF solution

Manage risk and compliance adherence while protecting your revenues.

Live AML Data

Screen against sanctions lists, law enforcement lists and regulatory bodies seamlessly for a frictionless and compliant onboard.

Risk Analysis

Automated live AML data output with deep multi-layered risk analysis cross-analyzed to identify and flag risk factors.

Risk Output

Receive data results orchestrated for ease of review with a holistic risk score and results attached to customer profiles.

Manage AML

Easily export AML reports for regulatory bodies, perform automated batch screening and manage white and blacklists.

Enrich Profiling and Risk Mitigation

Layer Multi-Level Digital ID KYC and Premium KYC in One API Endpoint.

Customer Authentication Data Services

Digital ID

Enjoy a full suite of end-to-end KYC verifications with custom workflows to instantly confirm customer identity in real-time.

Global Document ID Verification

Document ID

Secure customer identity with global government-issued ID document verification and real-time biometric liveness detection.

Customer Authentication Data Services


Customers expectations on login and payment security are high. Pick and choose your authentication services to enhance security.

Smart Transactions

Smart Transaction

Protect revenues with ongoing identity checks, transactional verifications and crypto-based and automated risk analysis.