Strengthen Your Brand and Trust

The AcuityTec Seal of Protection brings your platform a visible added value of trust, security and integrity.

Let it be known you're protected

Processor Channels

Most global payment service providers know our specialized, high-quality risk management platform. Our site seal will provide assurance, comfort, confidence and trust to your payment service providers that valuable risk experts have scrubbed and verified customer and transactional data they receive from you.

Regulatory Bodies

Compliance for fintech, crypto, e-commerce, and gaming is constantly changing. Regulatory entities can quickly see that you take regulatory adherence and proper validation of customer data and transactions seriously through a professional risk mitigation platform, strengthening your compliance commitment.

Customer Trust

Your customers are informed that you use a world-leading advanced risk management solution to protect their experiences with your platform from fraud while securing and protecting their identity and sensitive payment information. Building trust, engagement, loyalty and overall lifetime value.

AcuityTec Certification

Make your brand more robust and your customers feel safer by displaying our official AcuityTec certification site seal on your business. Letting everyone that engages with you and your platform know that risk verifications, customer and transactional data are authentically scrubbed and verified from fraudulent activity and regulatory adherence is met.

Once you have integrated AcuityTec's services, we will provide an Official Certification Site Seal to display on your site to visually represent your commitment to fraud protection and security to your customers, payment providers and business partners - improving their trust, loyalty and confidence in your brand.

Liveness Detection


Pre-Screen Prevention.

Providing global and local database verifications to identify high-risk customers while setting baselines and trust levels to manage users' data effectively.


At the Core of Protection.

Provides the essential customer and transactional verification data with core pre-determined risk rule-based analysis for improved fraud prevention.


Powerful Protection.

Premium multi-level KYC customer and transactional verifications with authentication services, customizable workflows and enriched risk analysis.

Max Pro

The best of the best.

The entire suite of customer and transactional data verifications, the complete risk analysis and monitoring capabilities, B.I. reporting and consultancy.