Authenticate & Validate

Securely onboard new users and protect account access with world-trending adaptive multi-factor authentication data services available all from a single API integration.

Enrich Protection While Building Trust

Suite of 2FAs

Suite of 2FAs

Providing you with global leading state-of-the-art authentication services from phone pin codes, and knowledge-based questions to customer biometric detection.

Custom Workflows

Custom Workflows

Easily deploy independent 2FAs to multi-factor authentication for logins, transactions or specific payment methods configurable by region, market or account.

Instant Activation

Instant Activation

From your single API our 2FA suite is ready when you are for immediate activation and implementation with our risk specialists on hand for custom configurations to meet your needs.

Enhance Security

Enhance Security

People often use the same password for multiple accounts, making account takeover easy. Multi-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security and protection customers love.

Stop Fraud

Stop Fraud

Even if fraudsters gained access to one part of the account details like email or phone, multi-layered 2FA authentication makes the strongest combat force for premium protection.

Fast & Frictionless 2FA

Fast & Frictionless

Our 2FA can be integrated into any UIUX flow and are as frictionless as possible, enabling your customers to secure their account or transactions with ease and comfort within your brand.

Improve Loyalty

Improve Loyalty

Customers expect 2FA for online platforms and especially for payments. It makes them feel safe, secure and confident, leading to more trust and engagement in your brand.

Protect Revenue

Protect Revenue

Security breaches and fraud are more prevalent without authentication. Implementing 2FA may seem costly, but the impact of fraud on your revenue is much greater.

Mobile Method

Phone 4-PIN
When a customer triggers a touch point for authentication, we automatically send them a 4-digit code to their registered phone number to provide the correct submission and immediately validate themselves.

Leverage Custom SMS
Send custom SMS messages to promote offers and encourage customer loyalty and engagement.

Brain Method

Knowledge-Based Answers
Let customers select from a series of questions and configure the answers they would only identify.

Knowledge-base lets your customers participate in their authentication experience and provides an enriched layer of trust and confidence each time they are triggered to give the correct answer to confirm not only their identity but their control over their account.

Biometric Face Recognition

Biometric Method

Facial Recognition
With modern mobile phones, this method quickly becomes one of the most seamless and trusted authentications globally to achieve 99% fraud defence accuracy.

Harness your customer's unique biometrics through embedded face recognition to instantly capture and analyse even the most minor facial features to confirm real-time identity.

Smart, Dynamic Authentication

Where and when you need it most.

2FA automatically triggered

Automatic Trigger

Whether account login, transaction processing, or any customer touch point, you want increased security.

Frictionless 2FA


Our suite is home to 2FA services customers have learned to expect to ensure seamless authentication.

2FA data results in seconds

Results In Seconds

2FA data is scrubbed and analyzed in real-time with automatic alerts and actions if a warning or failure occurs.

2FA stored data

Stored Data

Customer authentication results are stored within their profile to enrich their history and behaviour metrics.

Enrich Profiling and Risk Mitigation

Layer Multi-Level Digital ID KYC and Premium KYC in One API Endpoint.

Customer Authentication Data Services

Digital ID

Enjoy a full suite of end-to-end KYC verifications with custom workflows to instantly confirm customer identity in real-time.

Global Document ID Verification

Document ID

Secure customer identity with global government-issued ID document verification and real-time biometric liveness detection.

AML Compliance Watchlist Screening

AML Compliance

Protection against illicit activities such as money laundering, terrorist financing or fraudulent transactions with ease.

Smart Transactions

Smart Transaction

Protect revenues with ongoing identity checks, transactional verifications and crypto-based and automated risk analysis.