Know Your Transactions - Inside and Out

Transact Globally With Confidence

Transact Globally With Confidence

Our global platform allows you to effortlessly manage your customers, fraud risk, payment channels, and transactions in one centralized hub regardless of market or region.

Premium Fraud Defence

Premium Fraud Defence

Create bespoke risk rules or leverage pre-defined risk rules to custom risk thresholds and dynamic system actions and enjoy automated transactional fraud screening workflows.

Behaviour Analytics & Patternsy

Behaviour Analytics & Patterns

Our platform automatically scans and links transaction behaviour and accounts to instantly identify trends, behaviour patterns and multi-account usage for prompt reactions.

Protect Your Revenues

Protect Your Revenues

Merchant losses globally to online payment fraud between 2023 and 2027 will exceed $343 billion. Don't lose your revenue to fraud. We detect risk signals and flags in real-time.

One Data Hub -
Everything You Need

Instant verifications for unbeatable fraud protection without compromising first transactions or processing rates.

Multi-Layered Approach
The more you know about your customers, the more you can trust them. Leverage a full suite of data verifications readily available to build custom multi-layered workflows with dynamic system actions per region or market to enrich transactional protection.

Enjoy data results centralized in one place, powered with automated advanced risk analysis, insights and recommendations to improve reaction times to suspicious activity and safeguard your customers, transactions and revenue.

One Data Hub. Everything You Need.


Upload, manage and leverage whitelist and negative databases in real-time, along with declined reasons and high-risk associations for efficient fraud reviews.

AcuityTec Network

Access our elite and well-established whitelist, negative and high-risk databases that continuously expand in our network since 2011.

Geo Location

Obtain a variety of critical geo and technical information, including country, time zone, zip code, area code, address, proxy, IP address and network information.

Device Intelligence

Affirm user identity by matching device fingerprints, device ID, device reputation and evasion detection to flag suspicious activity at the point of entry.

BIN Check

Automated lookup obtains your customer's bank identification number, including the card issuer, card level and card type data and alerts when a new card is verified.

Bank Account Verification

Reduce your financial risk for ACH or EFT transactions by retrieving and cross-analyzing customer's KYC and bank account information to provided details.

Crypto Analysis

Ensure crypto transactions are valid, safe and free from illicit activities by verifying addresses and wallets against risk factors across a suite of blockchains.
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2FA Authentications

Add an extra layer of security and enable multi-factor authentication from knowledge based questions, SMS phone 4-PIN through to liveness facial recognition.
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Enriched Digital ID

A complete suite of web-based KYC is readily available to bolster transactions from phone, address verification, SSN, global identity validation, and more.
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Our Engine Doesn't Rest - Ever

Automatically screen transactions with advanced algorithms to identify risk.

Rule-Based Approach
Select from a suite of pre-defined risk rules or configure endless options with free-form rule scripting. Ensuring transactional verifications and risk analysis meets your unique risk appetite.

Analysis Alerts
Based on your custom risk thresholds, immediately receive alerts for generated risk scores post transactional data verifications that identified risk or suspicious activity.

Machine Learning
One platform combines data, behaviour and patterns to quickly uncover potential risk threats and automatically perform system actions or make recommendations to safeguard your business from fraud.

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Monitor and Manage

24/7, 365 days of coninuous risk analysis and transactional monitoring intelligence.

Transaction Queue
Quickly view all transaction's high-level information with the ability to filter by customer information, transaction ID, risk scores, processor, date range and more. Perform fraud reviews, deep dive into a customer profile, and settle or void a transaction all from one centralized action center.

Dashboard Widgets
Custom configurable live data dashboard widgets ensure a focused view of data, from conversions, action center activity, approval rate, 1st-time ticket average, etc.

Transaction Monitoring Action Center

Go Granular in a Click

View transaction details to associated customer profiles for an in-depth risk review.

Transaction Slip
Receive granular details including date, amount, payment method, verification results, risk score, financial information, deposit limits, customer details and more. Ensuring all data is captured to identify swings in behaviour automatically while supporting your AML reporting.

Customer Profiles
Deep dive into any customer to see their data results, transactional and alert history and manage patterns, evidences, exceptions, devices and login history with a clear, unified view.

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Fraud Insights

Fraud Insights

Orchestrated data and machine learning provides risk prevention recommendations throughout your transactional flow. Identify multi-accounts, suspicious behaviours, and patterns that may signal fraud.

Fraud Prevention Case Management

Case Management

Orchestrated data brings clear views of risk. Our automated verification workflows will notify you of risk signals requiring human intervention. Saving you time and effort managing transactions and customers.

Chargeback Management


Prevent, dispute and analyze chargebacks with efficiency. Be alerted in real-time to intercept and resolve payment disputes with an automated chargeback resolution center and live dashboard.

B.I. Reporting

B.I. Reporting

Our dedicated risk experts will work with you to establish custom B.I. reporting to ensure risk rules are optimized per region or market to combat fraud while not compromising transactional rates.

Transaction Monitoring


The one platform you'll ever need.

  • Transactional and KYC data verifications
  • Custom verification workflows
  • Custom filters, settings and rule configurations
  • Risk scoring engine, monitoring with machine learning
  • Customer profiles, transaction history and action center
  • Collaborative tools and list management
  • Suspicious activity reports, B.I. reporting and data science

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