Crypto Data Intelligence

Identify risk signals, verify wallets and process crypto transactions with confidence and scalability.

From KYC, Risk Analysis, and Blockchain Intelligence

Bolster Crypto Transactions

Bolster Crypto Transactions

Obtain clear insights on the validity of your customer and their crypto to secure transactions from illicit activities while proofing towards the rapidly evolving regulatory requirements.

Grow with Global Crypto Adoption

Grow with Global Crypto Adoption

With over 420 million crypto users worldwide, crypto adoption is still strong. Our platform gives centralized data, intelligence, fraud protection and agility your business needs to thrive.

Complete Crypto Anti-Fraud

Complete Crypto Anti-Fraud

Real-time KYC checks, wallet address verifications and blockchain intelligence are processed through our risk analysis to identify any red flags to stop fraud before automatic processing.

Custom Crypto Transaction Rules

Custom Crypto Transaction Rules

Our risk engine has hundreds of parameters, a suite of crypto-centric risk rules and free-form scripting. Configurations for multi-layered risk mitigation are entirely customizable.

Verify Crypto Addresses

Confidence your crypto transactions are valid and safe for processing.

Know The Crypto
Build trust with your customers’ crypto transactions by ensuring their crypto addresses and wallets are creditable, free from illicit activity and can be whitelisted with confidence.

Blockchain Intelligence
A comprehensive blockchain suite identifies various risk factors and associations with crypto addresses and wallets to obtain the highest level of crypto risk analysis, accuracy and trust.

Verify Crypto Addresses

Stored Crypto Data

Captured, Screened, Validated and Linked.

Managing Data
All verified crypto wallets and addresses are securely linked with leading security protocols and stored to their associated customer profile, where you can quickly view crypto transactional behaviour, identify and be alerted of suspicious patterns, uncover multi-accounts, and manage white and white and black lists.

AML/CTF Proofing
Crypto regulations are rapidly evolving. Ensuring you have all customer KYC data associated with their crypto data on wallets, addresses, and transactions provides holistic management from a single platform to support reporting required for regulatory bodies.

Need more coverage? Activate our AML/CTF screening for further compliance adherence without additional integrations.

Real-Time Monitoring

Know, Trust and Confidently Process.

Risk Analysis Alerts
Based on your custom-set risk thresholds, immediately receive risk scores and understand risk flags and suspicious activity at any point of your customer's crypto transaction flow.

Action Center
Centralized risk queue hub with advanced filter capabilities, one-click fraud review, auto-reject, manually override approval or failed status' and more to streamline operations.

Dashboard Widgets
Configurable live data dashboard widgets ensure a focused view of data, conversions, activity, approval rates, volume average and more.

B.I. Reports
Get the best performance through custom granular reporting and data simulations to optimise risk rules per region or market.

Explore Monitoring

Liveness Detection

Crypto Transaction Protection

Everything you need to KYC, verify and manage crypto transactions with confidence.


Obtain a baseline risk analysis and risk score from all activated KYC.


Transaction initiated within set limits based on the risk thresholds.

Data Analysis

Crypto transactions are verified in real-time for seamless experience.

Risk Output

Receive an approved, warning or failed status with dynamic actions.

Manage Risk

Full control to override and manage risk signals from our action center.


Live dashboard to custom reporting for optimal performance.

Enrich Profiling and Risk Mitigation

Layer Multi-Level Digital ID KYC and Premium KYC in One API Endpoint.

Customer Authentication Data Services

Digital ID

Enjoy a full suite of end-to-end KYC verifications with custom workflows to instantly confirm customer identity in real-time.

Global Document ID Verification

Document ID

Secure customer identity with global government-issued ID document verification and real-time biometric liveness detection.

Customer Authentication Data Services


Customers expectations on login and payment security are high. Pick and choose your authentication services to enhance security.

Smart Transactions

Smart Transaction

Protect revenues with ongoing identity checks, transactional verifications and crypto-based and automated risk analysis.