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Advanced global KYC, KYB and compliance with adaptive fraud prevention - making online safer.

About Us

Clarity, Confidence and Trust in One

Founded in 2011, we provide a global leading all-in-one risk management solution, including our fraud prevention certification site seals and proven acceptance rate booster for all businesses onboarding customers or processing online payments. Using a unique combination of identity verification data, automated risk analysis, reporting analytics, machine learning, and so much more, we provide you with absolute global fraud prevention you can trust.

Data. Data. Data.

Through our single API integration, you unlock a world of identity data services instantly available and ready for activation when and where required.


Build customized workflows to support onboarding, payments and compliance with all data output results orchestrated for clear risk signals and analysis.


Our risk engine doesn't rest. From custom risk thresholds, endless rule configuration, automated workflows and risk analysis, you'll be enabled to work smarter and more efficiently managing global fraud defence.


Centralized orchestrated data brings fraud insights to identify patterns, suspicious behaviours and trends quickly. Leverage our data science reports ensuring fraud risk rules provide superior performance.

Why Us

Like you, we are passionate about stopping fraud and protecting your revenues.

We are dedicated to the success of your company and fraud prevention needs to ensure you obtain the maximum data and risk analysis performance. Designed to be an extension of your company, allowing you to focus and spend your resources on other areas of your business.

Easy integration and user-friendly interface.

No impact to end user experience or engagement.

Expansion of processing capacity with approval rate booster and data insights.

Instantly access readily available large suite of identity data verifications.

Automated workflows, data verifications, orchestration, risk analysis and reporting.

Comprehensive match information. Deep insights are more than just the score.

SSL certificate encryption for all transactions with hosting options available.

API, legacy integration and batch upload solutions with database management.

Servicing as a trusted global fraud prevention provider since 2011.

Payment Processor





Agnostic eCommerce

More than just a platform

We're an extension of your operations team.

360 Degree 24/7 Support

360 Degree 24/7 Support

See a vast improvement in streamlined day-to-day risk mitigation processes with our hands-on approach supporting and monitoring performance.

User Account Monitoring

User Account Monitoring

Our platform risk algorithms and risk managers fully cover you from account creation to logins, account edits, and payment processing.

Dedicated Risk Experts

Dedicated Risk Experts

Leverage the expertise of our risk managers and receive online consulting for fraud prevention strategies specific to any global market or region.

Cost-Effective Service

Cost-Effective Service

Everything you need to manage verifications, data and fraud defence in one platform, one API and one single contract for seamless global operations.

AcuityTec Certification

Get Globally Certified by AcuityTec Risk Management Solution.

Make your brand more robust and your customers feel safer by displaying our official AcuityTec certification site seal on your business. Letting everyone that engages with you and your platform know that risk verifications, customer and transactional data are authentically scrubbed and verified from fraudulent activity and regulatory adherence is met.

Once you have integrated AcuityTec's services, we will provide an Official Certification Site Seal to display on your site to visually represent your commitment for fraud protection and security to your customers, payment providers and business partners - improving their trust, loyalty and confidence in your brand.
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Liveness Detection
Posted April 24th, 2024

We've Amplified our Platform with Industry-Leading Enhancements!

We're proud to announce significant platform enhancements in data verifications and fraud prevention, designed to outsmart sophisticated fraudsters and empower superior transaction, customer and business fraud defence worldwide. This strategic upgrade introduces new data-driven identity...

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Posted February 7, 2024

Significant Strides In Business Growth and Innovation.

We're excited to announce our exceptional growth and significant milestone achievements. In 2023, AcuityTec embarked on a transformative journey, enriching its product with various new features. Notably, they expanded their data hub by an impressive 18% with premium data services such as AML...

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