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Multi-Level KYC:

Balancing Protection While Increasing Engagement for iGaming Platforms.

Whether it's sports betting, poker, or casino – they're all contributing to a USD 81.08 billion market, estimated to grow at 11.7% CAGR surpassing USD 172.2 billion by 2030. Technological developments, increasing internet penetration, rising mobile phone usage amongst players, and the responsive nature of gambling websites lead to the sector's exponential growth. Globally 17% of the world's population, equating to 1.3 billion people, gambles online.

As a result, regulators are enhancing compliance among gambling platforms, imposing heavy fines for violations of AML and responsible gaming requirements. In 2022, 24 gambling platforms received fines totalling £48m in the UK alone, and the owner of Ladbroker received a record £17 million ($20.6 million) fine for AML and responsible gambling failures.

Gambling operators are constantly managing fierce competition, these higher regulatory compliance requirements, expanded jurisdictions, ever-changing player expectations and the ongoing battle against modern fraudsters. Licensed gambling operators in 2022 highlighted a 30% increase in suspicious activity reports from the previous year-on-year and an 85% increase in fake account registrations.

But what if we told you KYC and fraud defence – although critical for gaming operators' overall business success – doesn't need to be complicated, costly or burdensome on precious operational resources.

What if we said you could leverage KYC data intelligently to build player trust, maximise engagements, not compromise conversions, and increase overall player lifetime value? Data is vital - but what you do with it becomes the game changer.

Bet on Digital ID

Every data point does matter and contributes to a strong player profile, behaviour analysis trends and overall fraud defence. Leveraging a data orchestration and fraud prevention platform like AcuityTec, enables you to know the person behind the game without multiple data service provider integrations. You have instant on-demand access to the world's leading KYC verifications from a single endpoint. You can activate the proper identity checks to ensure good authentic players while being instantly agile and scaleable to manage regulatory requirement changes or jurisdiction entry. You are empowered and protected.

Database checks, geo-location verification, device intelligence, email, phone, address, international person identity verification, AML screening and more all contribute to a robust digital profile and an effective and fast way to detect fraud behaviour and trends for you to take action quickly. For example, if a player's device changes, IP changes, or transaction history suddenly increases, this may indicate a bust-out fraud or account takeover.

AcuityTec's solution also provides smart transactions with premium transactional-based verifications like BIN checks to identify the bank identification number, card issuer, and card type to ACH bank verifications, and even crypto analysis to identify risk factors associated with crypto wallet addresses across the blockchain. Additional transactional security is available from their authentication data services suite, such as player knowledge-based questions, 4-digit phone pins or biometric liveness verification. All of this transactional data verification output funnels into their advanced KYT (Know Your Transaction) details, with a powerhouse automated risk analysis rules engine home to endless rule configurations, dynamic system actions, fraud insights, behaviour tracking, risk queues action centre and more to stop fraud before it occurs. You will bring efficiency to your fraud operations team while protecting your players and revenues.

Leverage Data to Excel

Implementing multi-level KYC gives more granular customer profiles. The more data you pull on a customer, the more you understand them. Utilizing an orchestration hub with risk mitigation allows you to leverage the KYC data without multiple integrations and transactional data to personalize more services and promotions to players' preferences.

Suppose your players' device is typically mobile; you can tailor promotions and offers based on sporting events within their IP and geo-location information and use the KYC custom SMS data service to offer them in real time. If a player deposits on average between $300 - $500, you can entice them with a more relevant bonus' to deposit more. If you know a player always uses a credit card to deposit, you can present that as a default option and introduce secondary lower-fee options like crypto.

Consumers expect personalization of their online shopping, travel, banking, and media experiences to their interests and preferences; gameplay must evolve.

Personalized marketing is a leading trend in the industry. Statistics show that 75% of consumers prefer to buy from brands that offer personalized digital experiences, and gambling platforms are no different. Leveraging your fraud defence data on KYC and transactions for personalized deposit and payout experiences will build player engagement and lifetime value while differentiating your brand experience.

AcuityTec’s flexible risk mitigation platform gives you instant access to a world-leading suite of KYC verifications for on-demand activation. You can quickly establish and manage granular customer profiles, track behaviour insights, manage transactions, adhere to compliance, utilize data science and mitigate global risk in one fully customized holistic platform experience. The best part – it’s one endpoint—no more multiple third-party data provider contracts and integrations or fragmented fraud prevention.

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