Data: The Key to Powerful Fraud Defence

End-to-end KYC to turn digital identities into real, trustworthy assets.

  • Comprehensive KYC requirements in one place with real-time activation
  • Customization for verification workflows with cascading logic
  • Bolster customer profiles and fraud defence with multi-layered KYC
  • Global government-issued document verification in over 150 languages
  • Harness biometric multi-factor authentication services to safeguard
  • Safe and secure storage of KYC performance and data output
  • Stay agile with one ever-evolving data hub
Digital ID KYC    Document ID
Liveness Detection

With Multi-Layered Risk Analysis.

Automated fraud screening powered by advanced risk algorithms and machine learning intelligence.

  • Customized risk thresholds and rule configurations
  • Endless rule-based logic with free-form scripting
  • Obtain risk score with data orchestrated results
  • Configure automated actions for warning and failed scores
  • Machine learning to detect patterns, behaviours and trends
  • Real-Time monitoring, action center and live dashboard
Fraud Screening


Stay agile and scalable while leveraging data to protect and identify new revenue streams.

Instantly enable essential identity validation services to more robust KYC and authentication to secure transactions. Our risk analysis with automated workflow system responses, risk queues, enriched rules engine, machine learning and so much more will empower and support your fraud operations team.

Monitor & Mitigate

Never let suspicious activity slip with live monitoring and alerts for unbeatable protection.

  • Early detection for faster response times
  • Multi-level KYC and machine learning ensures improved accuracy
  • Real-time inelligence in a live customizable KPI dashboard
  • Granular customer profiles to understand, track and manage
  • Live action center for efficient fraud review and performance
  • Optimize data and risk mitigation with business intelligence

Fraud Monitoring   B.I. Reporting
Stop Fraud Before It Hurts
Fraud Insights

Fraud Insights

Orchestrated data and machine learning provides risk prevention recommendations through out your transactional flow. Identify multi-accounts, suspicious behaviours, and patterns that may signal fraud.

Fraud Prevention Case Management

Case Management

Orchestrated data brings clear views of risk. Our automated verification workflows will notify you of risk signals requiring human intervention. Saving you time and effort managing transactions and customers.

Chargeback Management


Prevent, dispute and analyze chargebacks with efficiency. Be alerted in real-time to intercept and resolve payment disputes with an automated chargeback resolution center and live dashboard.

B.I. Reporting

B.I. Reporting

Our dedicated risk experts will work with you to establish custom B.I. reporting to ensure risk rules are optimized per region or market to combat fraud while not compromising transactional rates.

Comply with World Regulations Easily

Exceptional compliance for unmatched defense against illicit financial activities.

  • Data-driven AML/CTF screening with built-in risk analysis
  • Schedule dynamic rechecks to maintain a healthy portfolio
  • Automated Cross-analyze data for enhanced due-diligence
  • Access sanctions lists, law enforcements lists, databases and more
  • Access to regulatory bodies to ensure lastest requirements
  • Custom reporting including suspicious activity reports
  • All data and transactions in one place for ease of submission
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