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Acuitytec - Risk Management, Anti Fraud, KYC and AML Solutions.

Know Your Customer

KYC with Acuitytec.

Customer Onboarding

Customer Onboarding with Acuitytec.

AML Compliance

Acuitytec Anti-Money Laundering Solution!

Built on years of experience in online processing and development, our solutions offer your business the most robust risk management and fraud prevention technology services on the market.

Our Key Services

Risk Scoring Engine

• Scalable automated fraud screening
• Transaction/Registration risk scoring
• Auto-Reject capability

Capture Queue

• Identify suspicious users
• Avoid Refunds
• Reduce chargeback costs

User Profiling

• Expose hidden associations
• Detect Multi-Accounting
• Prevent bonus abuse

Conversion Monitoring
Conversions Monitoring

Easily review user conversion, approval and acceptance rates…

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Solution Testing
Reporting & Analytics

Four levels of reporting showing data from high level to detailed customer…

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Integration Support
360 Degree Support

Gain access to a 24/7 hands-on team of dedicated experts…

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By protecting your business against online fraud…

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Consulting Services
Consulting Services

In-house and online Consulting Services for Strategy…

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Authentication Services
Authentication Services

Based on custom scoring modelling, user authentication features…

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AcuityTec Certification

Fraud Prevention - Risk Management - Golden Seal Verified by AcuityTec
Fraud Prevention - Risk Management - Silver Seal Verified by AcuityTec
Fraud Prevention - Risk Management - Bronze Seal Verified by AcuityTec