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Press Release:

AcuityTec Unveils Innovative Platform Enhancements for next-gen dynamic fraud defense.

[Montreal, Quebec, December 19, 2023] ( - AcuityTec, a KYC and fraud prevention provider, has propelled its technology to new heights with a steadfast commitment to excellence and announces a series of sophisticated enhancements to its platform.

Empowered Risk Analysis, Monitoring and Reporting:
AcuityTec has refined its risk rules for tracking transactional and customer registration screening performance, enhancing the precision of monitoring "Rejected" recommendation percentages. In parallel, their new 'Dynamic Rules Performance Report' offers advanced features for measuring rule performance against expectations. It swiftly identifies the number of risk triggers and quantifies the transaction percentage activating these rules within a selected timeframe.

The enhanced notification system now synchronizes threshold rules with traffic alerts, swiftly pinpointing critical moments of traffic changes for a responsive and accurate risk assessment. Data extrapolation is now easier and more intuitive, thanks to the new UX/UI enhancements. These include color-coded recommendations, table column sorting, time-frame intelligence, and multi-selection options for countries, transaction statuses, currencies, and recommendations. The new advanced 'Rules Triggered' filter also enables a broad search excluding the field values provided.

"In today's rapidly evolving digital payment landscape, where speed is synonymous with security, the pivotal role of sophisticated monitoring and reporting tools cannot be overstated. At AcuityTec, we recognize this imperative and now offer a range of reporting options - 'Full', 'Light', and fully 'Custom' reports - each designed to provide unmatched flexibility and control. Our customizable reporting is specifically tailored to meet the exact needs of our clients, enabling them to handpick the precise data they need, in the order they prefer, at their fingertips. It's more than just data; it's about providing actionable insights that align perfectly with each client's unique requirements in this fast-paced digital era." states Alfredo Solis, Senior Director and Business Strategies, AcuityTec.

Enhanced Digital Identity and KYC:
AcuityTec's enriched identity verification features real-time image and video capture, enhanced data extraction utilizing Optical Character Recognition (OCR), allows for extended link validity with a broader range of accepted IDs, and the ability to add or remove user satisfaction surveys - ensuring thorough verification without sacrificing user experience. Risk teams can efficiently manage ID verifications during manual lookups, quickly retrieve ID images for storage, and leverage a merchant-facing API for seamless ID management.

Additionally, as data continues to strengthen in the market, AcuityTec remains committed to best-in-class data attributes and agility for their clients. In doing so, they enriched their device fingerprinting verification service while adding an associated manual lookup toolset. They upgraded various features across their phone identity verification, verifying phone PIN and SMS authentication.

In conclusion, AcuityTec's recent enhancements are more than just features; they embody a strategic vision and unwavering dedication to empowering businesses with the most advanced KYC, compliance and fraud prevention. Their relentless attention to detail and innovation enables companies worldwide to stay ahead of risks and regulatory curves in the ever-evolving digital landscape effortlessly.

About AcuityTec
AcuityTec is a leading provider specializing in global KYC, KYB, compliance and advanced fraud defence with real-time monitoring all through a single API. From onboarding to verifying and monitoring transactions, customize your end-to-end risk mitigation for unparalleled fraud protection to secure customers, and safeguard revenues.

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