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Fight Fraud:

Leveraging Device-Based Authentication and Machine Learning to Combat Fraud.

Let's talk about Device Fingerprinting. It's an emerging method for online fraud prevention, and it's quickly becoming mainstream. At AcuityTec, we believe that Device Fingerprinting is a valuable and worthwhile tool to keep your business protected from fraudsters.

So, what is Device Fingerprinting?

Basically, when you use a device to access a website, that device leaves behind a unique "fingerprint" that's based on its configurations. This fingerprint can include information like the operating system, the web browser, the screen resolution, and other technical details that are unique to that device.

By collecting and analyzing this information, businesses can use Device Fingerprinting to identify if a device is already fraudulent within their network or if it has been flagged for fraud by other businesses outside their network. This can help prevent online fraud and protect both the business and its users.

One of the great things about Device Fingerprinting is that it can work alongside other security measures like username and password authentication. By adding an additional layer of security through Device Fingerprinting, businesses can better protect their users and stay ahead of potential fraudsters.

It's important to note that Device Fingerprinting is not a foolproof solution and can have its limitations. For example, if someone is using a VPN or other anonymity tool, their device's fingerprint may not be accurate. Additionally, it's important to balance the need for security with user privacy concerns.

Overall, Device Fingerprinting is a valuable and worthwhile tool in the fight against online fraud. By using this method, businesses can better protect their users and stay one step ahead of potential threats.

Benefits of Device Fingerprinting

  • Accuracy: Device fingerprinting can accurately identify and track devices, making it easier to detect and prevent fraud.

  • Additional Layer of Security: Device fingerprinting can work alongside other security measures like username and password authentication, providing an additional layer of security.

  • Real-time Detection: Device fingerprinting can detect fraud in real-time, allowing businesses to respond quickly and prevent further damage.

  • Improved User Experience: By using device fingerprinting, businesses can improve the user experience by reducing the need for additional security measures like two-factor authentication.

  • Reduced Fraud Costs: Device fingerprinting can help reduce the costs associated with online fraud, including chargebacks and lost revenue.

  • Better Risk Management: By analyzing device fingerprints, businesses can better understand the risk associated with each transaction and adjust their risk management strategies accordingly.

Get The Solution

At Acuitytec, we believe in taking a sophisticated and technically advanced approach to fight fraud. By analyzing a wide range of device parameters and user behavioral patterns, our machine learning modules accurately recognize every user of your site and detect fraud with unmatched accuracy.

We understand the importance of quickly identifying and blocking a device used by a fraudster, to prevent them from generating numerous new account registrations or online transactions on your platform. That's why our system scans every device and gathers an enormous amount of parameters, including operating system, browser and its version, installed plug-ins, screen resolution, platform, IP address, Proxy services, and behavioral patterns.

By using the combination of these parameters, our system generates a permanent ID that can help detect the same machines, even if they try to hide their identity. The system then checks this information against a wide range of conditions, revealing any evidence and uncovering associations between devices and accounts, ultimately determining the risk of every visitor and detecting fraudsters of all sorts.

Our solution helps protect your online business from account takeovers, identity morphing, spammers and scammers, intentional hiding using device fingerprint paired with our real-time risk scoring, predictive analytics, and intelligence-driven business rules.

With Acuitytec, you can rest assured that you have a powerful and effective tool to safeguard your business and users from online fraud.

Learn more about our digital identity verification data services or contact us to book a demo today.