Validate Worldwide Postal Addresses during the Registration or Transaction Process

Internationalization is becoming a necessity for more and more businesses. As you increasingly and inevitably start encountering data for clients outside of the US—know that we have you covered! Our global address verification provides industry-leading power, speed, and ease of use to quickly verify any address around the world.

We confirm an address from minimal information, ensuring that only a comprehensive and accurate address enters your database. The worldwide results are fully compatible with our Risk Rules and Scoring Engine.

Global Address Verification Business Rules

Accept, Reject, or send to Manual Review using Global Address Verification Custom Rules.

Key Benefits

A wide range of output parameters and individual business rules is at your disposal, designed to adapt to your specific business needs. Your group has complete flexibility for Global Address Verification rules customization and changes take effect immediately.

Verify users with the most efficient and reliable technology services.

  • Automated and optimized user data validation
  • Integrated single Risk Management Platform
  • 24/7 hands-on Risk Management Team available to assist you
  • Dashboard and quick reporting views for enhanced operational performance
  • Scalable and configurable capabilities to adapt to future changes
  • Customer convenience and speed
  • Increase revenue by reducing operational costs
  • Enhance customer experience, deliver increased security

Our Acuitytec’s hands-on Risk Management Team is available to assist you in optimizing the risk rules.

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