Streamlining KYC and Compliance Processes

KYC is the due diligence that all businesses are expected to carry out on their customers. The aim is to prevent businesses from being used for illicit activity such as money laundering, terrorist financing, or fraudulent transactions.

Streamlining KYC and Compliance processes is among the key benefits of AcuityTec’s All-In-One Risk Management solution for Online Businesses and the e-Commerce industry.

We enable merchants to verify users at account creation, login, KYC checkpoints and transaction level; evaluating customer patterns, behaviours and transactions risk in real-time.

We offer a free merchant risk assessment; an analysis framework, in which we objectively review your business requirements and provide a holistic approach on how to improve your KYC strategy by integrating industry best practices with our AcuityTec solution.

We provide you with instant access to the most efficient and reliable customer data verification services, all in one place. From Identity and Date of Birth, to Physical Address, Phone Number and Email Address, down to Geo-Location, DeviceID and BIN information.

By integrating AcuityTec, you have at your disposal:

  • Comprehensive KYC competencies meeting regulatory compliance with the best customer experience
  • Automated and optimized user data validation
  • Integrated single Risk Management Platform
  • 24/7 hands-on Risk Management Team available to assist you
  • Dashboard and quick reporting views for enhanced operational performance
  • Scalable and configurable capabilities to adapt to future changes
  • Legacy Integration and Batch Upload solutions to meet remediation needs of existing clients to bring them in line with current regulatory compliance requirements

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