Risk Management – Have you got it right?

What is Risk Management?

Chargebacks, identity theft, and fraud rates can cause irreparable damage to your brand and reputation. Still, it also absorbs the cost of processing fraudulent purchases, not to mention the resources spent investigating and managing fraud claims if you don’t have a proper Risk Management approach.

That is why merchants are urged to remain vigilant and to fight exposure to online fraud and abuse, while protecting their business and maintaining the highest level of user privacy.

AcuityTec Risk Management and Anti-Fraud platform provide custom-built internal scoring models to assess the level of risk that a person poses to your business. This also enables you to identify which customers may need a higher level of attention based on their risk profile.

With AcuityTec, you could improve exponentially your bottom line.

Real-Time Fraud Prevention

Verify traffic at all customer points of contact from account creation and login to the transaction; AcuityTec evaluates customer patterns, behaviors, and transaction risk in real-time.

Account Creation

Expose hidden associations between apparently unrelated accounts and prevent bad users from entering your network in the first place.
AcuityTec helps you automate and optimize the user information validation in the Registration process. We perform evidence recognition to assess the user’s reputation and return a Profile Score that represents the risk that the person poses to your business, identifying suspicious users and stopping fraud.

User Login

Verification at beginning of each user’s login session, with option to Allow/Deny a login based on the Geo-Location of the user. AcuityTec assigns a Session ID to subsequent user login sessions for tracking and evaluation purposes.

Payment Security

With focus on high risk transactions assessment, we allow you to develop a larger customer base and expand into new markets safely. Our AcuityTec integrated service caters to all payments methods, from Credit Card (Card-Not-Preset) transactions to direct deposit and e-Wallet traffic, from mobile to desktop consumers.

The end-to-end process can be adjusted from fully automated to selective review of transactions, customer groups or trend charts.

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