Fraud PreventionIdentify suspicious users, stop fraudulent activities and increase profitability by reducing risk and operational costs.

E-Commerce Business

Verify traffic at all customer points of contact from account creation and login to transaction; AcuityTec evaluates customer patterns, behaviors and transactions risk in real-time.

The end-to-end process can be adjusted from fully automatic to selective review of transactions, customer groups or trend charts that increase the efficiency of your Risk team immediately.

Payments Gateway

With focus on high risk transactions assessment, we allow you to develop a larger customer base and expand into new markets safely.

Our AcuityTec integrated service caters to all payments methods, from Credit Card (Card-Not-Preset) transactions to direct deposit and e-Wallet traffic, from mobile to desktop consumers.

Online Gaming

Chargebacks, identity theft and fraud ratios are considerably among the main problems in this industry and hurt your bottom line. There is more than just your financial picture at stake. Registration anomalies and suspicious activities can quickly pose regulatory issues that threaten your ability to do business.

Our AcuityTec solution provides you with absolute fraud prevention coverage.

Adult Payment Processing

AcuityTec offers specifically designed Adult Merchant Accounts, tailored to your business size and industry, to fit your unique payment processing needs and contribute to your overall success.

Drive repeat product purchasing and increase conversions, while protecting your business against online fraud.

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