Protect Your Customers and Business from Account Takeover Fraud

Online businesses and their customers are under attack from Account Takeover Fraud (ATO). This is an identity theft crime and it comes in many different forms. Find out how to Protect Your Customers and Your Business.

Fraudsters have a variety of resources and methods of harvesting personal data and causing serious damage, which makes effective protection a challenge. The right multi-layered security approach; however, can help stop account takeover fraud and protect customers at every stage of their digital life cycle.

Acuitytec offers a best practices approach to detecting and preventing account takeover fraud with proven technology that shield users, devices, and transactions.

Our specialized risk assessment methodologies and real-time user authentication technology sevices prevent fraudsters from entering your network in the first place.

Acuitytec’s multi-layered security approach can minimize the risk and impact of account takeover fraud – protecting a business’s customers and operations, without any negative impact on the user experience.

Our risk analytics engine can spot anomalies in user behavior and take appropriate action based on the transaction’s risk level.

By taking a flexible and dynamic approach to authentication, digital businesses can block account takeover attacks. To provide this level of personalization, Acuitytec fraud detection solution:

  • Supports a wide range of risk-based authentication methods
  • Evaluates risk in real-time for each event and responds by applying the precise level of security
  • Assesses every action taken by a user and applies the precise level of security to each individual transaction

At the same time, Acuitytec’s multi-layered risk management solution simplifies the user experience.

Our tiered scoring system and evolving risk management is tailored to your business size and requirements, to fit your unique payment processing needs and contribute to your overall success.

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