Protect your business and customers from risks associated with impersonation fraud and identity theft

Identity theft, fraud ratios, and chargebacks are considered among the main problems for online businesses and hurt your bottom line. There is more than just your financial picture at stake. Registration or Login anomalies and payment fraudulent activities can quickly threaten your ability to do business.

Fight exposure to online fraud and abuse, while protecting your brand and customers with Acuitytec.

Customer Identity Assurance against identity theft

  • Fulfills a frictionless account registration process
  • By simply presenting their Photo ID, the customer completes the ‘registration’ process
  • Delivers assurance that the individual presenting the Photo ID is the valid holder
  • The personal information extracted from the customer’s ID facilitates a Client defined pre-fill registration form process
  • Integrates via API directly and seamlessly for web applications – no additional hardware or download required
  • Manual Lookup option available

Verify users with the most efficient and reliable Photo ID verification technology service.

  • Save time and costs associated with KYC/AML requirements
  • Ideal solution for businesses in today’s digital world
  • Enhance the customer experience
  • Deliver increased security
  • Reduce exposure to impersonation fraud and identity theft
  • Reduce risks and increase compliance
  • High completion rate for your business transactions
  • Meet KYC and AML Regulatory compliance
  • Securely and easily establish proof of residence
  • Extract and verify pertinent customer data
  • Scan Government Issued IDs
  • Determine what form of ID or document to request

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