Data ManagementDatabase is managed by the merchant directly. Custom reporting pages and custom data entry pages are at your disposal.

Data Administration Console

Option to manage and custom data display in the reporting pages:

  • Transactions Report
  • Action Center
  • Declined Report
  • Scrubber Report
  • Transaction View

Dashboard Overview

Direct, automated and sorted by a customizable risk priority levels quick reporting.

  • Monitor all processing channels
  • Easy to read GUI
  • Real-time widgets
  • Create notification rules
  • Tiered warning levels
  • Email recipient lists
  • Live KPI Dashboard monitoring
  • Customizable risk priority levels
  • Traffic summary reporting
  • Reporting Views

Global and Local Databases

Identify high risk in and outside your network and set trust levels while effectively manage your customers’ data.

  • Full control over your local Negative, High Risk, White List and Decline Reason databases
  • Custom Global Database rules

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