Cryptocurrency ExchangeBoosting fraud prevention and Know Your Customer (KYC) measures to prevent crypto being used in cases of money laundering, terrorism financing, human trafficking, and other illegal activity.

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Addressing the Know Your Customer Challenge (KYC)

Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures are critical elements in managing your Cryptocurrency business risks. KYC safeguards go beyond simple policy issuing and recordkeeping.

They require that all businesses formulate a tiered customer identification program that involves more extensive due diligence for higher risky individuals and includes proactive underwriting procedures for suspicious activities.

Move beyond KYC to a comprehensive fraud prevention strategy with Acuitytec's all-in-one solution.

KYC procedures have particular relevance to the safety and soundness of the Cryptocurrency business, in that:

They help protect online businesses’ reputation and integrity by reducing Cryptocurrency businesses’ likelihood of becoming a vehicle for or a victim of financial crime.

They constitute an essential part of fraud risk management (e.g., providing the basis for identifying, limiting, and controlling risk exposure and liability).

Streamlining KYC and Compliance processes is among the key benefits of Acuitytec’s solution. We enable Cryptocurrency and ICO merchants to verify users at account creation, KYC checkpoints, and transaction levels.

You will have instant access to the most efficient and reliable data verification services, all in one place.

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