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AcuityTec is an all-in-one Risk Management Platform and proven acceptance rate booster for all types of e-Commerce businesses

Built on years of experience in online processing and development, our solutions offer your business the most robust risk management and fraud prevention technology services on the market.

How may we serve your business?

Fraud Prevention

Identify suspicious users, stop fraudulent activities and increase profitability by reducing risk and operational costs.

Payments Risk Management

Verify users and their payment details before submitting it for processing. Increase your transaction acceptance rates, minimize your risk exposure and prevent losses from occurring in the first place.

Data Validation

A powerful solution to confirm that customers are who they claim to be while protecting your business against online fraud and maintaining the highest level of user privacy.

User Authentication

Based on custom scoring modelling, user authentication features can be enabled to complement the verification process.

Data Management

Database is managed by the merchant directly. Custom reporting pages and custom data entry pages are at your disposal.

Marketing Campaigns

Increase your marketing email deliverability by eliminating hard bounces, reducing spam complaints and minimizing fraud.

Secure Server Hosting

Hosting and maintenance of scrubbed data on AcuityTec servers.

AcuityTec Certification Site Seals

Official AcuityTec Certification site seal to display on your site.

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