Conversions MonitoringEasily review user conversion, approval and acceptance rates to know if a processing issue occurs and have the ability to take required action immediately.

Insight into important traffic summary statistics and trends
Traffic data can be filtered by website or URL name, processing channel and deposit method
Instant review of approval rates and unsuccessful transactions activity
Monitoring of risk transactions activity and system recommendation based on score threshold

Reporting Views

The AcuityTec Dashboard displays real-time widgets and gives access to the reporting views.

Available views to the reporting functionalities:

  • Sales View, which gives insight into the Approval Rates and Unsuccessful Transactions activity.
  • Risk View, used to monitor Staff Productivity, Action Center activity and Risk Recommendations.
  • Negative Transactions View that displays the Chargebacks, Returns and Refunds activity.
  • Top 20 Reports View that provides quick insight into important traffic summary statistics.
  • Financial View providing Settlement Fee and Anti-Fraud Rates.

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