Capture QueueVerify users and their payment details before submitting it for processing. Identify suspicious accounts, avoid Refunds and stop fraudulent transactions that lead to Chargebacks.

Consolidated live queue, displayed in one single, easy to use Action Center that queues all risk transactions based on a score threshold.

The Action Center offers a wide variety of search filters, allowing the display of risk transactions based on selected criteria.

Users also have the option to save preferred filters for future reuse.

Cutting through all the noise of thousand transactions, your Risk team can instantly review and act on risk transactions by simply updating the Fraud Review status.

Pre- Authorization and Capture Queue

With a tiered scoring system, the transaction can be automatically Approved or Rejected. Optionally, customer is flagged for Review.

  • Approved: Transaction is cleared for processing.
  • Rejected: Transaction met the score threshold criteria; therefore, it is considered as High Risk of Fraud and can be automatically rejected.
  • Review: Transaction is sent to Pre-Authorization state or flagged for further review.

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