Authentication ServicesBased on custom scoring modelling, user authentication features can be enabled to complement the verification process.

SMS/Voice Verification

AcuityTec’s telephone verification is easily integrated via API into any application.

The user receives a 4-digit PIN via voice call or SMS, then required to enter this one-time code to validate the registered phone number.

Global Photo ID Verification & Documentation Management

Front-end ID resolution center for document management and real-time Know Your Customer (KYC) verification processes.

AcuityTec protects your business and users from risks associated with impersonation fraud and identity theft.

Device Identification

Recognizing the risk that a device and the person behind it poses to your business is crucial to identifying suspicious users and stopping fraud.

Fight exposure to online fraud and abuse, while protecting your brand and customers with AcuityTec. Our solution allows you to safely grow, raising efficiency, and increasing profitability at the same time.

Knowledge-Based Authentication

A powerful solution to confirm that customers are who they claim to be while protecting your business against online fraud and maintaining the highest level of user privacy.

This method of authentication requires the knowledge of private information of the individual to prove that the person providing the information is the owner of the identity.

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