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Cutting-edge security assessment services that go far beyond a typical fraud screening

AcuityTec offers the most efficient and reliable verification technology services to protect your business against online fraud, while maintaining the highest level of user privacy.

Featured Services

Risk Scoring Engine

A scalable automated fraud screening service, using unique combination of big data reporting analytics with global premium global consumer data services and a number of authentication features. All designed to adapt to your specific business problems and fitting your processing needs.

Capture Queue

Verify users and their payment details before submitting it for processing. Identify suspicious accounts, avoid Refunds and stop fraudulent transactions that lead to Chargebacks.

User Profiling

Detect multi-accounting and suspicious account associations in real-time.
Track Bonus usage and abuse with a Profiling queue that detects abnormal bonus patterns.

Conversions Monitoring

Easily review user conversion, approval and acceptance rates to know if a processing issue occurs and have the ability to take required action immediately.

Reporting & Analytics

Four levels of reporting showing data from high level to detailed customer and transaction information.

360 Degree Support

Gain access to a 24/7 hands-on team of dedicated experts in online processing and development, risk management, comprehensive training, and consulting services–all dedicated to ensuring that your business is successful with AcuityTec


By protecting your business against online fraud, we help you to safely grow, raising efficiency, and increase your bottom line profitability by reducing risk and operational costs.

Consulting Services

In-house and online Consulting Services for Strategy and Operational Management.

Authentication Services

Based on custom scoring modelling, user authentication features can be enabled to complement the verification process.

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