Looking for a Solution to Prevent Children from Accessing Age Restricted Products or Services?

Date of Birth and Age Verification services

Our AcuityTec’s Date of Birth and Age Verification service can help you prevent minors from attempting to buy or accessing age-restricted sales by alerting you of interactions involving underage individuals.

This verification service can be implemented as an optional layer of security to quickly and effectively confirm a person’s date of birth.

Verify users with the most efficient and reliable Age Verification technology service

  • Minimize customer interaction
  • Maximize your matches and reduce your risk from online fraud
  • Comprehensive match information—not just a score
  • Affordable pricing options to meet your needs
  • Customer convenience and speed
  • Increase revenue by reducing operational costs
  • Enhance customer experience, deliver increased security
  • Prevent underage access to age-restricted products or services

Protect your business from potential compliance liability by preventing unauthorised access to age-restricted products and services, while keeping children safe!  

To request Age Verification Brochure or for more information about our services, visit our website and chat with our professionals:

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