Keeping up with Technology: Geolocation and Proxy Piercing

What is Geolocation and Proxy Piercing Technology?

Geolocation is the practice of finding the geographic location of an object, usually an electronic device such as a phone or computer. Closely related to what a positioning system does, geolocation services focus on collecting data beyond the geographic coordinate (Proxy Piercing technology).

Knowing where a customer is at the time of purchase is helpful to businesses, and geolocation services can be used for fraud prevention and regulatory compliance.

Geolocation services can show a merchant if the customer is trying to hide or disguise their location. If the billing address and shipping information is different from the purchase location then merchants can flag this type of scenario. The customer might be on vacation or they might be trying to make fraudulent purchases.

Acuitytec determines the real IP address and compares that to the profile IP to detect risky or suspicious activity.

There are many industries that need to validate that the customer is in a specific location. Certain countries have strict cross-border regulations, which require companies to only serve customers in a specific geographic location. Geolocation can monitor and validate that customers are in the correct region and flag customers who are trying to access services from a prohibited location.

Acuitytec is committed in keeping up with important technologies, and we want to make sure that we are offering the services and information you need.

Customize Your Protection

Determine whether the transaction originates from a high-risk location, an anonymous proxy, or a masked IP address. The business rules may be applied to country, region or city.

Anomalies such as geolocation and IP address mismatches (proxy piercing), time zone mismatches, and other inconsistent characteristics are revealed to trigger a check for suspicious activity or attempts to evade detection.

  • Use of Anonymous Proxy
  • ISP associated with the IP address
  • Billing/shipping address mismatch
  • Profile/BIN/IP Address mismatch

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