How to Eliminate Account Registration Fraud without Losing Legitimate Customers

An individual who has committed online fraud previously might open an account with a business with the intent of repeating the process. This is why it is crucial to know who your customers really are, because a legitimate customer base is key to healthy business growth.

Expose hidden associations between apparently unrelated accounts and prevent bad users from entering your network in the first place, but not at the expense of a good user experience for legitimate customers who will enable your business to thrive.

AcuityTec helps you automate and optimize the user information validation in the Registration process. We perform evidence recognition to assess the user’s reputation and return a Profile Score that represents the risk that the person poses to your business, identifying suspicious users, multiple account creators and stopping fraud.

Our approach can not only fight fraud and contribute to operations savings through a reduction in manual reviews, but significantly minimize friction for good customers.

With AcuityTec, your group has complete flexibility for User Profiling rule customization and changes that take effect immediately.

From Account Creation and User Login to Transaction Processing; we’ve got you covered!

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