Device Authentication, Device Fingerprinting, and Device ID Fraud Prevention

Recognizing the risk that a device and the person behind it poses to your business is crucial to identifying suspicious users and stopping fraud.

Fight exposure to online fraud and abuse, while protecting your brand and customers with AcuityTec. Our solution allows you to safely grow, raising efficiency, and increasing profitability at the same time.

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Everything There is to Know About The Credit Card Processing Business

If you’re going to have a business, you’re going to take credit cards. There’s not much of a market for cash or barter anymore. Customers need and expect to use plastic, so you need to be processing it to attract and keep business.

4 ways to protect your credit cards information

Many people have already bought gifts for their friends and family. If you’re one of those individuals and you used a credit card, you may not have put much thought behind the security of your purchases. Credit card data breaches are on the rise. Hotel chains and big retail stores have their payment databases Hackers and fraudsters are using elaborate methods to steal your data.

Looking for a Strategic Approach to Payment Risk Management?

The number of online payment fraud threats continues to grow and businesses are urged to remain vigilant. While merchants are not expected to become experts in identifying payment fraud risk, they must take immediate action to minimize risk exposure and prevent losses from occurring within their own network by relying on Risk Management professionals, who

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