Experience increased user engagement, satisfaction rates, customer lifetime values and faster business growth.

SMS method

AcuityTec’s Send SMS method allows providing timely, personalized information to customers through secure SMS messages, reminders, notifications, invites, one-time-passcodes (OTPs), and other automated communication.

This method is used to send a SMS to a given phone number. The system will send a SMS and provide a delivery status response.


Reach & Engage More Users
90% of texts are read within 3 minutes; 98% of SMS messages are read vs. email at 20%.

Communicate More Effectively
Send timely messages and experience a significant decrease in support calls/chats/emails and an increase in customer satisfaction.

Integration Options
Easy to test, activate, and get up and running quickly. Service is available via API, Manual Lookup and Batch Upload. Clear documentation and detailed reporting and statistics on delivery status.

Grow Your Business
Provide personalized information to customers right at the time they need it; leads to higher conversions and retention rates.