Combating Online Fraud

As we are all well aware, Chargebacks, identity theft, and fraud ratios are considered among the main challenges for Businesses combating Online Fraud and can do irreparable damage to your brand and reputation, but you also absorb the cost for processing fraudulent purchases, not to mention the resources spent investigating and administering fraud claims.

And there is more than just your financial picture at stake. Registration anomalies and suspicious activities can quickly threaten your ability to do business.

That is why merchants are urged to fight exposure to online fraud and abuse, while protecting their business and maintaining the highest level of user privacy.

Our AcuityTec solution helps your business combating Online Fraud and allows you to safely grow, raising efficiency, and increase bottom-line profitability by reducing risk and operational costs.

Real-Time Fraud Prevention

We verify traffic at all customer points of contact from account creation and login to transaction; we evaluate customer patterns, behaviours and transactions risk in real-time.

Account Creation

Automate KYC Process, expose hidden associations between apparently unrelated accounts and detect Multi-Accounting creation.

User Login

Verify the login sessions of your customers and allow or deny a login based on the Geo-Location.

Payment Security

Analyze High-Risk traffic before submitting it for processing, enable user authentication features to complement the verification process or automatically reject transactions based on high score threshold.

The end-to-end process can be adjusted from fully automated to selective review of transactions, customer groups or trend charts.

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