Combating Fraud with Device Fingerprinting Technology

What is Device Fingerprinting Technology?

Device Fingerprinting Technology, also known as Device Authentication, Device Identification, and Device ID, is entering the mainstream. Device Fingerprinting has proven to be a valuable and worthwhile tool for online fraud prevention.

A device fingerprint is a piece of information collected about a remote computing device for the purpose of identification. It is essential to know if a device connecting to your site has previously been flagged for fraud in your network. And, it is even more important to know if a device visiting your site for the first time has been flagged for fraud by other businesses outside your network.

Identify high risk in and outside your network and set trust levels on customers based on Device evidence.

AcuityTec helps you to quickly identify high risk patterns and behaviours based on associations between devices and user accounts across the globe, allowing you uncover fraud rings and take immediate action.

Move beyond the device to a comprehensive fraud prevention strategy with AcuityTec’s All-In-One solution.

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