Clarity, Confidence and Trust in One Advanced Global KYC, KYB and Compliance

A Provider You Can Trust.

Global data and risk management with world- class solutions since 2011.

Our platform provides a comprehensive and holistic approach to managing and enabling KYC, and KYB data verification services, compliance adherence and world leading fraud defense to dramatically improve your fraud operations team.

With more than 63 % of the global population engaging online and fraud rapidly growing and becoming more sophisticated the cost of not protecting your business with premium data and fraud defense is exponentially detrimental to your business. On average every $1 lost to fraud, costs organizations $3.99 and around $6.33 for digital banks and alternative lenders. In addition, the loss of trust from your customers who 84% value companies that instill higher levels of security protocols against fraud harms your revenue generation.

With AcuityTec you will leverage big data output from data verifications in combination with our proprietary advanced risk analysis engine to ensure that every engagement from registration through to transactions are validated and free from fraudulent transactions

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