Avoid Payment Fraud with Strategic Approach to Payment Risk Management

The number of online payment fraud threats continues to grow and businesses are urged to remain vigilant.

While merchants are not expected to become experts in identifying payment fraud risk, they must take immediate action to minimize risk exposure and prevent losses from occurring within their own network by relying on Risk Management professionals, who will ensure to provide the right fraud prevention solutions for their business.

Prevent Payment Fraud in Real-Time

AcuityTec’s All-In-One Risk Management solution enables merchants to verify users and their payment details before submitting it for processing. With focus on high risk transactions assessment, we allow you to increase your transaction acceptance rates, develop a larger customer base and expand into new markets safely.

Our tiered scoring system and evolving risk management are tailored to your business size and requirements, to fit your unique payment processing needs and contribute to your overall success.

The end-to-end process can be adjusted from fully automatic to selective review of transactions, customer groups or trend charts.

Our Merchant Accounts Feature:

Real-Time Risk Scoring and Fraud Alerts:

  • Customizable levels of security based on known fraud patterns and behaviours
  • Auto-Reject capability based on High Score threshold

Pre- Authorization and Capture Queue:

  • Analyze High Risk traffic before submitting it for processing
  • Enable user authentication features to complement the verification process

User Profiling:

  • Automate KYC Process
  • Expose hidden associations between apparently unrelated accounts
  • Detect Multi-Accounting creation

Global and Local Databases:

  • Identify high risk in and outside your network
  • Set trust levels while effectively managing users’ data

Automated System Notifications:

  • Email and message notification delivery on traffic anomalies detected
  • Customizable system monitoring rules

Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics:

  • 4 levels of reporting showing data from high level to detailed customer & transaction information
  • Customizable Dashboard & Reporting, monitor any KPI in real-time
  • Recurring reports automation

For more information about our solutions and services, visit our website and chat with our Risk Management professionals:

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