How can placing our AcuityTec Certification Seal on your website help your business?

About our Certification Seal

AcuityTec will certify and provide an Official Certification Seal to display on your site which will confirm that your brand and customers are protected against online fraud. This is achieved by applying the optional dynamic seal on your home page.

Processing Channels Protection

Most payment service processors are aware of our specialized high-quality risk management solutions. Our Certification will assure and provide comfort to your payment service providers that the transactional data they receive from you has been scrubbed and verified by professionals who are experts in risk management.

Regulatory Compliance

Gaming Commissions and other regulatory entities are always concerned about proper validation of customer data and our Certification Seal will strengthen your commitment to ensuring that you have professionals involved in ensuring that your customer data is properly verified and validated.

Customer Trust and Security 

By placing the seal in your site, your customers are informed that you use a professional independent Risk Management solution that they can further read about on our website and be informed that their profile and transactional data is validated and verified to prevent fraudulent activities, increasing their trust in your website.

Get Certified by AcuityTec Risk Management Solution

To request the Official AcuityTec Certification Site Seal, contact our Management team:

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