This verification service can be implemented as an optional layer of security to assure your customers are who they say they are. A wide range of output parameters and individual business rules is at your disposal, designed to adapt to your specific business needs. Your group has complete flexibility for Global Photo ID verification rules customization and changes take effect immediately. Our Acuitytec’s hands-on Risk Management Team is available to assist you in optimizing the risk rules

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ID Document

ID Verified;

forms auto-filled


ID Document

Global Photo ID Service Description

  • Fulfills a frictionless account registration process.
  • By simply presenting their Photo ID, the customer completes the ‘registration’ process.
  • Delivers assurance that the individual presenting the Photo ID is the valid holder.
  • The personal information extracted from the customer’s ID facilitates a client defined pre-fill registration form process.
  • Integrates via API directly and seamlessly for web applications -no additional hardware or download required.
  • Manual Lookup option available.

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